Original VS Fake – Are you getting what you are paying for?

People get ripped off everyday on the internet when they are shopping from online marketplaces. The Facebook groups or Instagram accounts promises that their items are original yet when the item is delivered it is fake – disappointing?

But what other option do you have for shopping for original watches and sunglasses? Asking a cousin coming from abroad may be a good option but that again may take months until what you paid for, reaches you. Also, how often do we get those cousins coming?

Well luckily, everything bought off lalaland.pk is original, always in stock and is exactly what you are paying for, for a very good price! And the best part? You get it within 2 – 5 days!

Here is how you can verify if a Rado watch you just bought from lalaland.pk is original. Turn the box over, enter digits in the bar code on Google (yes, very basic!) and you will have all the details of the product on the top of Google result!

So what’s keeping you from planning your next purchase? Shop here 😉

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